Key Elements of a Killer Cold Call

Cold calling, we’ve all done it and we all know how terrible it can be. However, there is a method to the madness that can make the cold call experience less unpleasant and more productive. These are four key elements that will make your next cold call smoother, quicker and land you more booked meetings.

1) Establish a Purpose

You are reaching out to a complete stranger.  You don’t know them and are calling unannounced, what is the purpose of this call?  The purpose of this call is to book a meeting. In that meeting you can then learn more about them, their business and, then maybe wow them with everything you have to offer. This initial call is not a selling call.  It should last 3-5 minutes max and the only outcome should be a booked meeting at a later date.

2) Be Direct

You have 3-5 minutes, don’t talk about the weather, don’t try and hit it off about sports, get to the point about why you are calling.  You are calling a stranger, which means you don’t have a relationship (that will come), so be clear with your words and state in simple terms why you are calling and what you’d like to achieve.

‘Hi I’m Heidi, did I catch you at a bad time? Great, I’m calling today to…”

3) Create Intrigue

Being a stranger works to your advantage in this situation, it means you hold the upper hand.  Don’t give it away all up front.  Create intrigue by provoking the client to ask a follow-up question about who you are and why you are calling. This will open a dialogue and turn the call into a conversation over you speaking.

‘Have you heard of Heidi Fortes Sales and Success Coaching? No problem, I work with…’

4) Be Mindful

  • You are interrupting someones workday, be mindful of that before you get on the phone.
  • Ask for the person’s time in your intro and be respectful. If it’s not a good time take it upon yourself to call that person back later.
  • Be aware of your tone of voice, conduct the call sounding confident and energetic even if you’re not.
  • Mind your manners and say please and thank you. You are speaking to a human being, not a robot, manners go a long way.
  • Use the clients name to acknowledge that you are speaking to them, not just the company behind them.
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