5 Winning Characteristics of Great Sales People

You’ve read it all before great sales people are hungry, relentless, motivated and don’t take no for and answer.  Yes, this is true but what lies underneath all those things? How do you screen for those personality traits in an interview? Simple, by looking for the winning characteristics of all great sales people.

1) They Are Their Own Biggest Competitors

Great sales people aren’t just motivated by the people around them, they are motivated by themselves.  The desire to achieve self betterment is the number one self motivating factor anyone can ever ask for and it’s the one that sticks. Compare it to being motivated by other people.  Sure a natural sense of competitiveness will kick in, but will it last when the going gets tough? Isn’t it easier to make excuses when you’re stacked up against someone else? Self motivation not only takes a certain level of self assurance but also pays forward a thousand times back into an organization.  The better your sales people become individually the better they can become as a team.

2) They Are Team Players

There is no such thing as a great sales person without a great sales organization. How do you create a great sales organization? By fostering a culture in which every single person gives back to improve the performance of the sales people around them. Competitive, shark like sales environments are toxic and don’t work. Your company’s goal is to make money, not to have sales people squabbling over stolen deals and backhanded behaviour. Great sales people build the people up around them, and in turn bring more revenue to your organization. Sharing is caring, even in sales.

3) They Are Always Learning

Great sales people are not bred without a constant grind to become better than they were yesterday. They also know that mastery cannot be achieved without practice, and consistent refining of techniques. Learning is about making mistakes, learning from those mistakes and adjusting to not make the same mistake again.  If you’re sales people aren’t doing that, they aren’t learning. If they’re not learning, they’re probably not selling.

4) They Are Not Afraid of Failure

Great sales people are fearless, but does that mean they never fail? No, it means that they understand that there will always be a margin of failure, accept failure, and strive to minimize that margin as best at they can. Success cannot be achieved without making mistakes, whether big or small. However, it’s how failure is handled that will determine the winners. Great sales people must be able to embrace failure.

5) They Ask For Help

The biggest deterrent to success in sales is people getting in their own way. Great sales people recognize this deterrent and know that the chances of success are higher when you step away from yourself and ask for help. There is no shame in asking for help, but pride can be a very self limiting trait. Successful sales people don’t let pride cloud their judgement and do what they have to do in order to get the job done.

Growing a sales organization can be tough, especially for younger companies with limited sales budgets.  However, if you screen for these five traits when hiring great sales people it’s guaranteed that your turnover rate will be lower and you’ll attract high quality people that will make your organization thrive.

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