4 Reasons Why Follow-Up is Crucial to the Sales Process

We’ve all heard it, it’s all in the delivery, you’ve only got one shot to make a good first impression.  But what about afterwards, once that good impression is made, how do you keep the relationship going? Following up is crucial to your B2B sales process and below are 4 reasons why.

Everyone’s Busy

You’re busy, I’m busy, your boss is busy, we’re all busy.  Most of us are inundated with tons of requests on a daily basis, so to remember something that happened in a small portion of the day sometimes becomes nearly impossible. This is why it’s the responsibility of the sales rep to stay on top of the relationship. That means making it a point to maintain that relationship through timely (not annoying follow-ups).  By doing so, you remain on someones busy radar, and when it comes time to make a decision you’ll be the first that comes to mind.

Most People Are Bad At It

You’d think all sales people would be great at following up since it’s such a integral part of the process, but think again.  Most people, especially in the prospecting stage give up after the second or third attempt to follow-up when in actuality it takes an average of 5-8 attempts to get a hold of a prospect. Don’t fall into the pack, take the extra initiative and stand out from the crowd.

Follow-up With Value

There’s following-up which borderlines annoying and following up with value, you want to be on the value end. After the third attempt it may get a little tricky to follow-up with value but here’s a little trick to pace things in a way that doesn’t leave you high and dry.  Don’t give it all away up front, especially if the prospect is unresponsive. Create a trail of delicious breadcrumbs that you can spread out through every email, voicemail or DM, that way by the time you get to attempt 5 or eight you’re not out of steam.

It’s a Necessary Part of the Process

Just like constant sales learning and development, being good at the follow-up is a part of the process.  There are no excuses in a sales role for not following up, period. It’s necessary and has to be done, otherwise there would be no need for sales reps. Take advantage of CRMs, calendars, reminders, anything that will prompt you into contacting that prospect. Remember, it’s you against the competition, don’t let someone else beat you to the punch over a few minutes out of your day.

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