With a scalable and sustainable B2B outbound sales organization,
staffed with long-term sales assets who grow in value, ready to bring on your next tier of sales talent.


SCALABLE & SUSTAINABLE OUTBOUND SALES GROWTHBuilding a B2B outbound sales organization from the ground up is tough.

And it’s even tougher if you lack the specific domain experience that comes with building previous scalable and sustainable outbound sales organizations. Unfortunately, this lack of domain experience often results in a ‘boiler room’ approach, with an inevitable revolving door, low morale, lack of loyalty and unhealthy competition.

Founders often don’t have formal sales experience, so naturally, they’re unaware of how to hire sales people, and build an outbound sales organization. They often don’t have the bandwidth to:

  • run a sales organization
  • train sales people
  • motivate sales people
  • create compensation structures that work
  • track and manage success



Sales Accelerator takes the hassle out of building a B2B outbound sales organization that’s scalable and sustainable with our BUILD, SELL and TRACK products.
If you’d like your organization to sell smarter, book a demo or check out our products to learn more.

We're Not Consultants(honestly)

BUILD, SELL & TRACK SALES PRODUCTSTake the hassle out of building a B2B outbound sales organization that’s scalable and sustainable.

Launch + Talent
$12,750 / 1-3 months
  • Strategic planning
  • Sales process optimization
  • CRM Analyses
  • Compensation design
  • Interview framework creation/optimization
  • Hiring sales staff
  • Value proposition creation
  • Script building

Tracking + Enablement
$22,500 / 4-9 months
  • Sales playbook creation
  • Sales onboarding design
  • Sales enablement plan
  • Sales enablement execution
  • Sales scorecarding design
  • Weekly pipeline reviews
  • Forecasting
  • Pull through of strategic plan


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